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If this is off topic please forgive me and delete post.

As of 11:30 tonight my 60 year old crippled mother was issued a multiple count citation for feeding stray cats. (each citation will cost $50+) All but 3 of these cats are fixed and are people friendly who, for the most part stay on her property. My parents live in the country and thanks to a neighbor across the street, will by next month be watching their beloved friends be legally killed thanks to the local police being on his speed dial. (he took to these measures after authorities had to be contacted once he was found violently killing them, and was told "you can't do that".)

If you are capable of taking in a rescue cat or two that are clean, friendly fixed with their shots please contact me... I'll post pictures soon, we have big little old and young. We're just looking for good friendly homes for these cats rather than watching them die because ONE person has a problem with them.

and no kidding my mom has made these stray cats her life, without them she'd have very little to get out of bed for for the last couple years. I am not trying to be manipulative when I say this will put a serious dent in her health to watch her babies die.


I Live in Northwest Illinois

again, I am sorry if this post is unwelcome it's just an emergency. Thank you in advance for your patience.
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